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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I qualify to receive funding from your foundation?

    • The Adam McCauley Family Cancer Foundation (AMFCF) serves children who have lost a primary caregiver to cancer OR the caregiver is currently in palliative or hospice care. 


  • Where do I send my application?

    • Email the application to

    • OR mail the application to our address at the bottom of this webpage


  • Who selects which children receive funding?

    • Eligible applications will be reviewed by AMFCF’s board of directors on a quarterly basis. After review of available funds and eligible applications, the board will select by majority vote the beneficiary children with the highest need for assistance weighed against all eligible applicants during the period of consideration.


  • How many children are selected each year?

    • AMFCF hopes to serve up to 10 families, however, this is directly dependent on the number of sponsorships and success of our fundraising.

    • Additionally, 15% of AMFCF’s fundraising proceeds will be set aside in an emergency fund dedicated to providing immediate assistance to eligible children for time sensitive needs (i.e. funeral costs, medical expenses, childcare, etc).


  • How do you select who receives the emergency fund?

    • Eligible applications for emergency assistance will be reviewed as they are submitted and voted on remotely. The board’s selection will be honored by corporate resolution and will become effective upon written consent from an authorized representative of the beneficiary children.


  • If my child is selected, what happens next?

    • We will set up a phone call with your family to hear more about your story and financial needs. 

    • You can also choose to speak with a financial advisor, who has graciously donated his services to AMFCF. The introductory phone call with the financial advisor typically lasts less than an hour and is at no cost to you. By the end of the call, you and the advisor will determine your child's greatest financial need and report back to AMFCF.


  • How do I receive the funds?

    • AMFCF will disburse funds as recommended by the financial advisor. Funds will not be issued directly to your child via direct cash payments or checks. AMFCF will make payment directly to creditors, will provide gift cards or other accounts as necessary to provide goods to beneficiaries, or will place funds in a trust or other type of account (i.e. 529 College Savings Account).


  • If my child is selected, do I receive funding every year?

    • No -To serve the most families possible, children will be ineligible for selection as an annual AMFCF beneficiary for a period of 5 years.

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